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Posted on: August 31, 2022

Davidson Composts: New Food Waste Reduction Program to begin September 12

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Tired of sending food scraps to the landfill? We’ve got you covered! The Town of Davidson has teamed up with our friends at Crown Town Compost to help by introducing a new pilot composting program.

This new program will allow enrolled residents to bring their food scraps to five locations in Davidson for composting. Enrollment is limited to 250 households and will be available on the town’s website. The 6-month pilot will launch on Monday, September 12, 2022.

The pilot program was developed collaboratively between the Davidson Parks and Recreation Department and Crown Town Compost, with grant support from the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality.

“Did you know that almost 30% of residential waste is compostable?” said Davidson Mayor Rusty Knox. “Expanding waste reduction opportunities in Davidson aligns with the town’s Sustainability Framework and our town board’s Strategic Plan. We know that composting helps to reduce organic waste, which in return, helps to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. This is something easy to do, so we encourage everyone to get involved!”

The six-month program will have food scrap drop-off available at five locations: Davidson Town Hall, Parks and Recreation Office, the Ada Jenkins Center, Circles @ 30 (TBD) and Saturday mornings at the Davidson Farmer’s Market.

The pilot program will also allow the town to gather data on both community interest as well as on organics diversion. The program will allow for a significant number of items to be composted, including fruit and vegetable waste, grains, breads, paper towels, and more. A full list of items, as well as additional information about the program, is available at

For more information, please call Davidson Parks and Recreation at 704-892-3349. Please also visit to learn more about Davidson’s other sustainability efforts.

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