Fisher Farm

Fisher Farm consists of a 200-acre park in the early stages of development. A fabulous place for walkers, the farm is a natural area populated with a variety of wildlife, insects, and plant life. Fisher Farm offers four miles of mountain bike trails with beginner to advanced challenges and an archery range (see below for more information on the archery range). The park is now accessible from the north by the West Branch Greenway. 

21215 Shearer Road

Trail Condition Information:

Click here to find out the trail conditions for mountain biking. 

Archery Range:

A schedule of Archery programs and range availability can be viewed on March 1.  Programs will begin mid-March, so check back soon!

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  • Programs - USA Archery certified instructors will teach classes for youth and adults, available March through November.
  • Special Group Use - Groups may contact for more information.
  • Personal Equipment Open Hours - Community members with their own equipment can visit the Archery Range to fine tune their skills during open hours! 
    • Must provide your own equipment, personal targets encouraged but not required. 
  • Instructional Open Hours - People of all skill levels can come and participate in archery! Certified USA Archery Town of Davidson staff will be on-site during all open range times and will give some basic instruction and make sure the range is being used safely. 
    • Equipment is provided. 

Fisher Farm Archery Range Policies:

  1. Participants and spectators must be at least 8 years of age or older to be at the Archery Range. All participants younger than 18 must be accompanied by an adult. 
  2. Closed toe shoes required to participate. 
  3. Personal equipment is permitted but must follow these guidelines:
    • Bows – Only recurve or compound bows are allowed, and the draw weight must not exceed 60lbs. Crossbows and firearms are NOT permitted. 
    • Arrows – Only bullet or field tipped arrows can be utilized on the range.  Arrows with blunt, grabbing, fishing, broadhead, or additional tips are NOT permitted. 
    • Targets – Only traditional targets (i.e. blocks, cubes, rounds, etc.) are allowed on the range. 3D targets are NOT permitted.
  4. All personal equipment and belongings brought to the Archery Range must be removed when the session has ended. The Archery Range cannot accommodate personal storage. 
  5. The Archery Range is only set up to accommodate traditional and target archery practices, no other types of archery (i.e. 3D target, flight, bowhunting, crossbow, mounted, etc.) are permitted. 
  6. The Archery Range is only available during published times (available on our website) and when attended by a Town of Davidson approved staff person. No unauthorized use of the Archery Range is allowed.  
  7. Only service animals are allowed on the Archery Range. All other furry friends must remain on a leash and accompanied by their owner in the grassy areas.
  8. Inclement Weather Procedure:  The Archery Range will close during any issued warnings, heavy rain, and if there is lightening within 10 miles of the range. An email notification cancelling the program will be sent as soon as possible. 


Fisher Farm Sign