Animal Care & Control

The Town of Davidson and the City of Charlotte participate in an interlocal agreement for animal control services. Davidson police officers generally respond to evaluate the situation and then call animal control when necessary. Police officers are not trained or equipped to risk handling injured or sick wild or domestic animals and will call animal control when this is the situation.
Officers are not dispatched to handle wild animal or reptile intrusions such as raccoon, deer, goose, fox, coyote, or snake.  Please contact a pest control company for such removals. 

Animal Registration

All pets living within town limits must be registered. To register your dog, cat, or ferret, please bring a copy of the animal's rabies vaccination certificate with the rabies tag number on it to the Davidson Town Hall & Community Center (251 South Street) Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


$25.00/ three-year vaccination

$20.00/ two-year vaccination 

$10.00/ one-year vaccination

The fee is waived for anyone who is 60 or older, but the pet needs to be registered.

Please call 704-892-5131 with any questions.

Missing Dogs

  1. When a dog is brought into the custody of the Davidson Police Department, it is checked for a registration tag or electronically implanted chip with owner information.
  2. If the dog is not immediately identified, it will be housed at the Davidson Police Department for 4 hours, as long as it is not sick or aggressive.
  3. If no owner is identified by the end of the 4 hour period, the animal will be transferred to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care & Control Center (CMCC).