Ride-Along Procedures

Know the Radio

Become familiar with the operation of the radio linking you with dispatch. It is your lifeline. Know your officer's unit designation number (i.e. 90-1025) or at the very least his or her name. In case the officer is incapacitated, you need to know how to use the radio to call for help.

Know Your Location

Know where you are by street name and approximate hundred block. This could be crucial should you need to call for help. Be aware of the street signs as you turn from one street to another and watch for landmarks, such as major businesses, which will pinpoint your location.

Be Self-Sufficient

Do not become a liability to the officer with whom you are riding. Keep in mind that they have important duties and should not have to be constantly concerned with your welfare.

Establish a Rapport

Establish a rapport with your host officer. Make sure that you both understand what is and is not expected of you. Know ahead of time if you are expected to stay in the car on particular calls or incidents.

Think Ahead

Your host officer might like you to jot down the license number, time, and other pertinent details while he/she is making the initial contact on traffic stops. Double check the license number for accuracy. This small contribution might help if something unexpected happens.

Enjoy Yourself

We hope this will be a learning experience for you and give you an insight into the duties of police officers. We wish to thank you for giving us the opportunity to demonstrate the services performed by our police department. We hope that when you turn in your "Ride-Along Guest Badge" at the end of your tour of duty, you will leave with a new appreciation of what it means to be an officer of the Davidson Police Department.