Neighborhood Watch

About the Program

A Neighborhood Watch is a group of neighbors who are willing to communicate with each other and pass along information. The group is educated in crime prevention and watches for suspicious activity. Neighborhood Watch does not require citizen patrols or citizen assist.


We like each group to meet two times a year. This can be a formal meeting or a neighborhood cookout in someone's backyard. A Neighborhood Watch group usually consists of 10-25 households and involves:

  • All houses on one street facing one another
  • Cul-de-sacs
  • Green belts


When you participate in the Neighborhood Watch program you will have a direct liaison with the Police Department through your Neighborhood Resource Officer (NRO). Your NRO can provide you with:

  • Crime prevention information
  • Current crime statistics for your neighborhood
  • A list of all registered sex offenders living in your area at no cost

Block Captain Responsibilities

A Block Captain is a point of contact for your neighbors and the police department. The police department will occasionally send information to the Block Captain, who communicates the information to participating neighbors. In addition, the police department sponsors quarterly meetings for the Block Captains. We ask that each Captain try to attend two of the quarterly meetings.

Neighborhood Watch Depends on You

Neighborhood Watch does depend on you calling 911 for in-progress emergency calls or calling 704-892-5131 for non-emergency situations. Suspicious activity calls can be handled with a minimum of personnel compared to the investigation of an actual crime. Do not hesitate to call as often as necessary. We expect more calls from Neighborhood Watch groups.