Social Districts in Davidson


These specially zoned areas allow for alcoholic beverages purchased from participating ABC permitted businesses to be carried within the designated area between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. seven days a week. Davidson has 2 distinct social districts, Davidson Main Street Social District and Davidson Circles Social District.

Beverages must be in specially marked cups that have been purchased exclusively from approved/permitted businesses within the Social District. Zone boundaries will be clearly marked with signage; see below for the map of Davidson’s Social Districts boundaries.

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In 2021, the North Carolina General Assembly passed Session Law 2021-150 which allowed cities to create “social districts” in which individuals over 21 can buy an alcoholic beverage from licensed establishments (i.e. bars, breweries, restaurants) and consume to-go drinks within a designated common area and within participating businesses. On May 23, 2023 the Davidson Board of Commissioners approved the creation of two social districts in Davidson.

Beverages must be in marked cups, and businesses within the social district have the right to opt out of the district by not permitting alcohol in their establishment. Before entering a business, please check that they have the marked decal designating approval of open containers inside their store. Signs to look for:

Social District 1Social District 2Social District 3

Forms for Businesses