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Overview:  On January, 24 2023 the Town of Davidson received a complete Conditional Planning Area - Master Plan application. The project is currently under review by Town of Davidson staff. The process will follow Section 14.5 of the Davidson Planning Ordinance. For more information see below and the Timeline/Document tabs.

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Site Info

  • Planning Area: Neighborhood Edge and Neighborhood Services Overlay District
  • Project Location: 19300 Shearer Rd.
  • Parcel IDs: 00723103, 00723121, 00723115, 00723116
  • Acres: 57.64
  • Project Description:  The proposal lies within the Neighborhood Edge Planning Area and Neighborhood Services Overlay District. It includes a mix of commercial, residential, and agricultural areas envisioning 93 units and commerical services in a variety of building types; multiple open spaces, including a working farm; and multi-use path facilities running along Shearer Road, through the development, and along the Rocky River. It requires a minimum of 45% open space, along with a Transportation Impact Analysis. 
  • Developer: Summit Farms General Partners, LLC