Who is Digging in My Yard?

Contact information for utility providers serving the Town of Davidson can be found here.

Fiber Installation Construction July - August 2023

Spectrum is currently performing fiber installation work in the Town of Davidson. This new infrastructure aims to provide residents with faster internet and additional services.

Phase one of the construction work began on Monday July 10. All permits were in place and door hangers with the necessary contact information are expected to be hung on all doors or mailboxes by the contractor. Phase one includes all areas west of the gas line easement in St. Albans. Construction will begin in the Wolfe/Conroy area working throughout the neighborhood with an anticipated end date of Aug 18.


Phase two of the underground fiber installation will include the rest of the neighborhood on the east side of the easement. 


The work will be performed by contractors and subcontractors. All contractor vehicles are required to be marked, and many of the personnel will be wearing identifying clothing, including hardhats or reflective vests. All service trucks will be marked by the end of the day on July 11. 


Construction work in your neighborhood should not disrupt your utility services. Contact your utility provider immediately if you notice disruption in service. 

Contact for Spectrum 

Immediate issues should be directed to Mike Hamby by calling the number below. 

Phone: 888-369-2408 or 704-378-2700 

Please note this is an unmanned line that goes directly to a voice message. Leave a detailed message with your name, address, inquiry/concern, and someone will contact you. 

Call 911 immediately if you believe there is a danger that threatens life or health.

Spectrum Work Area Map July-August 2023

St Albans Spectrum map


The Federal Telecommunications Act was passed in the 1990’s and provides for competition among data providers. In North Carolina, the state allows telecommunications/broadband infrastructure to be installed.  State law limits what municipalities in North Carolina can do regarding telecommunications companies working in the right of ways. The town does not have the authority to prohibit the installation of this infrastructure.  

Public agencies and utility companies like Spectrum and AT&T have the right to work in a resident’s yard provided the work stays within the public right-of-way and all permits are approved by the Town Public Works Department. Parcel lines can be viewed on this GIS map: https://polaris3g.mecklenburgcountync.gov/  


The town has no legal authority to repair/replace damage to personal property or a homeowner’s individual utility services such as cable, phone, internet, water, or sewer caused as a direct result of construction. It is the full responsibility of the utility providers.


Irrigation, electric fencing, or landscaping in the public right-of-way is “at risk” meaning homeowners may install these items in the right of way but would be responsible for any repair or replacement. The town has no legal authority to repair/replace irrigation, electric fencing, or landscaping caused as a direct result of construction. The town has no legal authority to require the utility providers to repair/replace irrigation, electric fencing, or landscaping caused as a direct result of construction.  


What can I expect?

Parcel lines are often behind the actual roadway and sidewalks into what appears to be private property. In some cases, utility crews can work on your land to install fiber optic cables and upgrade other infrastructure in order to provide services to the surrounding area. This row is called a utility easement, if there is one, it is written on your deed and closing documents. 

The amount of time it will take to complete the construction varies greatly based on several factors. The construction area will typically be restored within a few days after construction is complete. Contract workers will re-seed and cover areas with straw. Utilities companies are supposed to clean up any mess. Construction in your area does not mean that new or improved service will be available to you soon. 

Public agencies and utility companies have the right to work in your yard provided the work stays within the public right-of-way.

To see your parcel lines on a GIS map, visit https://polaris3g.mecklenburgcountync.gov/

Who do I contact if I have a complaint or issue with digging on or near my property?

CONTACT Contractor for Spectrum fiber installation:

Phone: 888-369-2408 or 704-378-2700
Please note this is an unmanned line that goes directly to a voice message. Please leave a detailed message with your name, address, inquiry/concern, and someone will contact you.

The State of North Carolina, not the Town of Davidson, grants telecommunications companies their franchise agreements to do business in Davidson. They enforce the associated regulations according to provisions of the Federal Communications Commission. Register complaints with the State by contacting the NC Attorney General’s Office.

Will I be notified before they start digging?

It is the primary responsibility of the utility provider to provide notification to anyone who would be directly impacted by the work by placing door hangers on homes and mailboxes. Notification occurs within two weeks of the start of construction and should include basic information about the process and the appropriate contact numbers. 

As a courtesy, the town provides updated information to its community members as soon as it is available via public service announcements, the town’s website and social media platforms. 

A good indication that work is imminent is the appearance of underground utility markings appearing on the ground and/or pavement in the form of dotted lines in spray paint or small plastic flagging. Different colors indicate the presence of different utilities.  (See Below)

Why can't  the town tell me when they will be in my neighborhood?

Contractors apply for an Encroachment Permit from the town, which is reviewed and approved by the Public Works  Department. After contractors receive their permit, it is up to them to schedule and complete the work – our permit does not bind them to a specific time or time frame. 

The Town of Davidson strives to keep residents up to date on projects to the best of our ability.  Unfortunately, the town is not able to provide a long-range schedule of impending construction due to the process mentioned above.

How is the work being done?

Much of the work will be done by what is referred to as directional boring. Contractors use a machine that drills underground and the conduit is then run through the tunnel created by the bore drill. Typically, the contractor will dig a hole as an access point for the boring machine. After the conduit is installed, the contractor will either install a pedestal or vault. Normally, the pedestals or vaults will be spaced about 30 feet apart.  

Other construction methods could be digging a trench to install the lines utilizing hand-digging and/or mechanical equipment such as a trencher. The town does not have the authority to dictate the utility providers construction methods. 

What happens if my landscaping is damaged in the process?

If problems occur on a resident's property as a result of work being done by contractors, contractors will restore the area to as close to original condition as possible. An example would be seeding grass and/or replacing damaged shrubbery and trees. The key to ensuring your issue is restored is  good communication and documentation. If you have a problem, please work with the contractor in question directly in order to resolve the issue.  Please give the contractor a reasonable amount of time to respond to your issue.

What happens if they damage my sprinkler system?

If  the work being done in your yard causes a problem with your sprinkler system/irrigation please work with the contractor in question in order to resolve the issue first.  Please give the contractor a reasonable amount of time to respond to your issue.

What happens if they damage other utility lines?

Please contact the utility that has been damaged first to provide them with the information regarding the location of the damage. This will help determine which company’s contractors are at fault. Other potential utilities that could be damaged include Duke Energy, Charlotte Water, Energy United, Dominion, etc. For utility contact information, please see our Utility Providers page.

Why can’t utility companies do their work at the same time?

The town is prohibited by North Caroline state law to compel any utility or company to work with another company to construct their network.

Why are there painted lines all over the yard and street? 

Prior to beginning work, the contractor notifies the utility coordinating authority by calling 811, using the 811 phone app, or on the web at nc811.org. The American Public Works Association guidelines dictate the color scheme:

Paint Colors

Once a contractor calls 811 to start a locate ticket, the other utilities (gas, water, cable, etc.) will have three business days to locate their underground services and mark those with paint.  Note – if you are a homeowner with irrigation pipes installed in the Right of Way, you can reduce problems by flagging the piping so that the contractor is aware they are in the ground (flagging material is available at local hardware stores – you can also use purple paint, but please do not use any other color). Also, the paint used to mark utilities should wear off within 6-8 weeks depending upon weather, traffic and other factors.

If the utilities are marked in advance, why do my water, gas, and other utility lines get cut?

The way the 811 system works, the contractor may begin work after three business days, regardless if all of the utilities are marked or not. Additionally, sometimes the boring head will hit an object, like a rock, and veer off course which can cause an accidental cut.