Vision Zero Work Plan Updates

Work Plan Updates Last Update on 11/2/22

  • The town installed dynamic LED message boards downtown facing the vehicle right turn lane indicating “No Right on Red” when a pedestrian has received a walk signal and is in the crosswalk. When there is not a pedestrian in the crosswalk, the message board will be dark, and drivers will be able to turn right on red. The new LED signage provides a prominent alert to drivers turning right at the following intersections:
    1. -Main/Concord
    2. -Griffith/Main
    3. -Main/Chairman Blake/South
  • The Town Board of Commissioners (BOC) committed to the Vision Zero initiative and adopted its framework for eliminating pedestrian fatalities and serious injuries when they passed a resolution on 10/26/21.
  • A midblock crosswalk was installed on Main Street between Davidson-Concord and Chairman Blake. Red Flashing Beacons are also planned to be installed at that crosswalk.
  • Davidson Police are committed to on-going education and enforcement about Vision Zero and overall pedestrian safety. Most recently, they have increased foot patrol on Main Street, visiting with, giving warnings, and citing pedestrians and motorists when jaywalking, failure to yield, and other violations occur, and conducting audits of school zones to consider changes to signage, speed limits, and other considerations that impact overall safety.
  • Members of the Vision Zero Task Force (citizens and town staff including Davidson Police Department) participated in Town Day (5/7/22) and the Lake Norman Bicycle Expo (5/14/22) and shared information about the town's plan to implement Vision Zero.   
  • The BOC approved funding to move forward with creation of a Vision Zero Action Plan in their 4/26/22 board meeting. NCDOT has also agreed to provide additional funding for the Vision Zero Action Plan. The VZ Task Force is working with a consultant from VHB to create the plan and a workshop will be held for Stakeholders to provide input and comment in November. 
  • The recommended Capital Improvement Plan for FY2023-2027 includes significant investments geared toward pedestrian safety.
    1. A newly established sidewalk program was designed to address the decrease in the demand for smaller infill projects, and the increased demand for modernization and larger, more expensive, complicated projects.
    2. The $150,000 that was traditionally funded in the annual operating budget for small infill sidewalks now lives in the five-year CIP. This funding will address small infill opportunities and existing sidewalks that need to be modernized and brought up to present day standards.
    3. Five-year sidewalk plan totaling $2.7 million was established to address the larger sidewalk projects.
    4. $1.5 million for pedestrian safety improvements and enhancements
    5. $8.6 million in the current CIP is going to fund pedestrian improvements and greenway projects. This is a combination of GO bond dollars, Community Investment Fund dollars and grant funds.
Dynamic Do Not Walk Sign