Vision Zero Task Force

In December 2023, the role of the Vision Zero Task Force and operations around the initiative were re-evaluated and reassessed by its members and Town staff.  In order to streamline administration and ensure this important initiative remains a priority in the Town of Davidson, the Mobility Plan Subcommittee and Vision Zero Task Force efforts have been merged. This new direction strives to enhance the safety culture in the Town of Davidson and make an even greater impact on our community.

In January 2024, the initial meeting of this newly formed committee, reestablished as the Mobility and Vision Zero Committee took place. Moving forward the Mobility and Vision Zero Committee will follow the same process and procedures as the former Mobility Plan Subcommittee and will meet annually as designated in the Town of Davidson's Mobility Plan.

Implementation of the Vision Zero Action Plan will continue with items such as public education, enforcement, and other projects and aligned with the work and goals established within the Mobility Plan's priorities.

The Town is grateful for the dedication of the Vision Zero Task Force and appreciative of all they accomplished. We recognize that Town is a safer place thanks to their initiatives as a task force.

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