Sustainability Framework

Adopted April 27, 2021

Framework purpose:

  • Formalize/support on-going committee work, including under-represented voices 
  • Catalyze interest in and support from a broad spectrum of the community
  • Emphasize importance of equity, partnerships, and collaboration with stakeholders 

Outcome Statement:

Davidson will strive to create and maintain a vibrant, equitable community and economy while protecting the natural environment for future generations. The town will cultivate a community ethic of sustainability through a dedicated framework including (in no particular order): 

1. Education & Engagement: Cultivating an ethic of responsibility and partnership

a. Implement strategic website development

b. Explore communications campaign

c. Collaborate with state, regional and local partners G 5.4

2. Municipal Operations: Reviewing, updating, and benchmarking municipal operations

a. Update building, fleet, procurement, and operations standards G 2.3 *

b. Undertake benchmarking * G 5.1

3. Green-Buildings & Infrastructure: Enhancing the community’s building, infrastructure, and natural environment standards 

a. Support renewable energy initiatives and energy efficiency improvements (ex. solar, lighting, weatherization) * G 2.3

b. Support water quality initiatives and improve stormwater/rainwater management * G 2.3

c. Enhance workforce/affordable housing * G 5.2

d. Review community contaminant policies/progress (ex. pesticides, asbestos)
4. Mobility: Supporting Mobility Plan implementation efforts

a. Analyze EV infrastructure location and funding opportunities * G 3.4

b. Improve multi-modal connectivity throughout Davidson via visible projects G 3.1-3.3

5. Ongoing & Long-term Priorities: Assessing progress and planning for upcoming initiatives

a. Evaluate and prioritize Comprehensive Plan recommendations and other publicly vetted targets

b. Assess and implement environmental and public health strategies; land/farmland conservation efforts; and zero waste initiatives

c. Reduce municipal operations GHG emissions to achieve carbon neutrality by 2037 and develop a community-wide climate action plan G 5.1, 2.3
  • * Represents items prioritized for budget consideration FY 2021
  • G x.x Represents Comprehensive Plan Goal

Key Sources (Plans & Policies):  Include, but are not limited to, the town’s core values, 2020 Davidson Board of Commissioners Strategic Annual Plan, 2020 Comprehensive Plan, Mobility Plan, Rural Area Plan, Parks and Recreation Master Plan, tree initiatives, and any future Equity and Affordable Housing Plan. Global, national, state and regional efforts, such as North Carolina’s Executive Order 80– Commitment to Address Climate Change and Transition to a Clean Energy Economy, will also be considered. 

To access the framework as a PDF, click here.