Mental Health Committee

Mental Health Committee Members

Staff Liaisons - Leslie Willis (Parks and Recreation Director), Penny Dunn (Chief of Police)
  • Jaime Bruderek, Principal Assistant - Davidson K8
  • John Brunelle, Director of Counseling - Davidson College
  • Joe Calandra, Police Officer - Town of Davidson
  • Jaletta Desmond, Facilitator - Hope After Suicide Loss
  • Michael Flowers, Lead Pastor - Gethsemane Baptist Church
  • Angela Harris, Assistant Dean of Students & Case Manager, Davidson College
  • Lynn Hennighausen, Co-Founder WholeHealth Sport
  • Keri Jansen, Manager of Social Work - Davidson Behavioral Health Hospital
  • Adam Levine, Director of Clinical Services - Pat's Place
  • Tracy Mattison-Brandon, Pastor and Administrator - Gethsemane Baptist Church
  • Megan O'Brien, Police Officer - Town of Davidson
  • Amy Rudisill, Community Engagement Specialist - Cardinal Innovations Healthcare
  • Martiza Stutts, Bilingual Case Manager and Care Coordinator - Ada Jenkins Center


The Mental Health Committee will be working on the following initiatives as the town moves forward to improve the mental well-being of the community.

•Prevention packet
•Professional to assist on calls and/or follow-up
•Language matters/stigma campaign - social media
•Support groups – different locations
•Program to discuss at schools with different groups (PD, DLL, DC, Ada Jenkins, DK8)
•Neighborhood Care Groups