No-Solicitation Ordinance

No Solicitation Ordinance graphic

What does a no-solicitation ordinance mean?

It means that people cannot travel door-to-door in the Town of Davidson trying to sell products or services to residents at their home (dwelling). 

The no-solicitation ordinance does NOT apply to religious, charitable, civic, patriotic, or political organizations, but rather is aimed at preventing people from seeking personal gain through door-to-door solicitation. 

It is permissible for individuals or organizations to share information by leaving flyers or cards at local residences or businesses if their intent is simply to provide resources a member of the community may find of interest. It is not permissible for individuals or organizations to initiate contact by knocking on doors, ringing doorbells or other methods of formal contact with a resident and/or owner of a dwelling.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report when someone violates the ordinance? What happens to them?

If someone is violating the no-solicitation ordinance, call 911 immediately, and an officer will be dispatched to your home and neighborhood. The officer will attempt to locate and inform the solicitors that soliciting is prohibited. Offenders may be cited and fined.

I am bothered by people who come to my door uninvited no matter the reason - what can I do?

There’s no requirement for you to open your door to anyone, even if they are just trying to share information about a program or a political campaign, so you should never feel pressured to do so. If there’s anyone on your property who is making you feel unsafe in any way, we recommend calling 911 to have an officer dispatched.

I get so many flyers left at my doorstep or at my mailbox - What can be done?

Unfortunately, the town ordinance does not prevent individuals or organizations from sharing information door-to-door with residents and businesses in town. If these folks are dropping off brochures or information that you did not actively seek out or do not find useful, consider that it may be helpful to a neighbor, and feel free to recycle materials as you are able.

I have other concerns about the no-solicitation ordinance - Who do I contact to learn more or suggest a change?

Town ordinance reporting and enforcement falls under the jurisdiction of the Davidson Police Department. For more information, you can either reach out to the Department by emailing or calling 704-892-5131 during normal business hours.

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