Mayors' Fitness Challenge

Welcome to the 2nd Annual 2022 Mayors' Fitness Challenge

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The three north Mecklenburg towns – Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville, along with Mooresville (#OneTownOneTeam) – are hosting their second Mayors’ Fitness Challenge. Residents of each town will participate as one team to win the title of Fittest Community. Last year, the Town of Davidson was crowned "The Fittest Town," and we hope to defend the title in 2022!

The challenge will last eight weeks. Each week, participants will work to have the highest total of active minutes and at the end of the eight weeks, the trophy will be awarded to the town with the best numbers!

Here is what you need to know:

  • The challenge begins on Sunday, March 6, and runs through Saturday, April 30, 2022.
  • Participants will report the number of minutes exercised each week through a link sent by the respective town. This link will be emailed to you each Saturday and you must reply to this every week by the following Monday (recording Sunday through Saturday for each week).
  • Follow @Townofdavidson on Instagram and/or Town of Davidson---Town Hall on Facebook for activities and fitness programs happening in the community. In addition, families can walk, bike or participate in their favorite games or sports together. We will also send out social media posts and emails with places to visit and activities to do. 
  • Be sure to use #DavidsonOneTownOneTeam on your social media.
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Thank you to all who participated and cheered on the community to bring home the trophy for the Inaugural Mayors' Fitness Challenge. This victory was truly a team effort.

To watch award ceremony click here

 1. Davidson
 2. Cornelius
 3. Huntersville
 4. Mooresville


After great success last year, the three North Mecklenburg towns - Cornelius, Davidson and Huntersville - return to host our Mayors' Fitness Challenge! Residents of each town will join together to become one team to win the title of Fittest Community. 

The challenge will last eight (8) weeks but participants can register any time during this period - it's never too late to join! Each week, participants will work to have the highest total of active minutes. It is encouraged that everyone invites their friends, family, co-workers, and anyone who lives in these towns to join in the fun and become more active. 

All three towns will come together for the kick-off event on March 6 from 1-3 p.m. at North Meck Park. The event will feature our fitness program partners that will promote the benefits of being active during and after the challenge.

Davidson community members click here to register. 

Community members of Cornelius, Huntersville and Mooresville should register at their town's websites.

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