East Rocky River Master Plan (Approved)

Recent Updates

Overview:  In early July 2023 the Town of Davidson and Mecklenburg County staff approved the construction documents. The next steps are for the developer to construct the project and to submit a final plat for review and approval. For more information see below and the Timeline/Document tabs.

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Site Info

  • Planning Area: Rural
  • Project Location: 15016 East Rocky River Rd.
  • Parcel IDs: 00725107 
  • Acres: + 5.507
  • Project Description:  The proposal includes six units of single-family detached homes fronting a shared open space. The parcel lies in the Rural Planning Area, intends to provide 70% open space on-site or adjacent to the site, and requires water/sewer extension approval by the Davidson Board of Commissioners.
  • Developer: Andy Wilfong