Policing Data

The Davidson Police Department is continually seeking opportunities to engage in open dialogue and improve its relationships and department operations in order to maintain a safe environment for the residents, visitors, businesses, and students who make Davidson their home. To this end, the department holds itself to high standards and is transparent about department performance and policies. 

Below you will find several reports and data related to policing in the Town of Davidson:

2022 Annual Analysis for Biased-Based Policing

2021 Annual Analysis for Biased-Based Policing

2019 2020 Comparative Crime Data

2020 Annual Analysis for Biased-Based Policing

September 1, 2020 Response to Resistance and Aggression Policy

July 14, 2020 Davidson Police Department Polices, Procedures and Data - Update to Board of Commissioners

2019 Annual Report on Biased Policing and Citizen Complaints