What is Adopt-A-Park?

Davidson Parks and Recreation’s Adopt-A-Park program partners your favorite park(s) with community volunteers to assist in the general care, litter removal, and maintenance of parks in the Town of Davidson.

Who can Adopt-A-Park?

Anyone interested in improving Davidson’s parks and contributing to the quality of life in Davidson.

What can be adopted?

Entire parks or sections of parks can be adopted at the discretion of Davidson Parks and Recreation. Sections of parks may include, but are not limited to, flower beds, trails, playgrounds, etc.

What can be done in adopted areas?

Groups who adopt sections of parks can help in the following ways:

  • Picking up trash,
  • Raking playground surfaces,
  • Reporting any hazards to park staff,
  • Pulling weeds,
  • Sweeping trails and pathways,
  • Reporting graffiti or vandalism to park staff, and
  • Planting (under supervision of park staff only).

How can we Adopt-A-Park?

Contact Davidson Parks and Recreation at 704-892-3349 or view the below documents for more information.

Adopt-A-Park General Information

Adopt-A-Park Procedures 

Adopt-A-Park Volunteer Form