What actually constitutes "running a red light"?
At most intersections there will either be a crosswalk, a solid white line (stop bar), or both across the lanes. When both are present, the stop bar will be the closest line and that is the point all wheels of a vehicle must be over when the light turns red in order not to be a red light violation. In the absence of the stop bar, the crosswalk becomes the point. In the absence of either, an imaginary line connecting the closest curb line of the cross street then becomes the point of no return. Often times, drivers fail to recognize where their vehicle is when the light turns red and feel that they were in the intersection at the time the light cycles from yellow to red. The most effective way to avoid running a red light is to anticipate the light cycle and prepare to stop when the light turns yellow. A red light violation carries a $130 fine and four points assessed against the driver’s license.

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2. What actually constitutes "running a red light"?
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