Starting a Program


The following steps must be taken when starting a Neighborhood Watch Program:
  1. Contact the Davidson Police Department at 704-892-5131 to request assistance from an officer.
  2. Decide on the number of households your watch program can effectively cover. Keep in mind the geographical layout of the neighborhood and the ease with which neighbors can observe each other’s property.
  3. Decide what would be the most convenient day and time for neighbors to attend a start-up meeting. It is often most convenient to have the meeting in one of the homes in the neighborhood, if that home is large enough to comfortably accommodate the number of people expected to attend.
  4. Contact the Crime Prevention Officer to see when they would be able to attend the start-up meeting. It is important to contact the Crime Prevention Officer at least two weeks prior to the meeting.
  5. Once a date and time has been coordinated with the Crime Prevention Officer, develop a meeting announcement flier, make copies, and distribute them to the neighbors. When the flier is delivered, stress the importance of having at least one adult person from each household attend the meeting.
  6. Notify the Crime Prevention Officer how many households will be attending the meeting.

First Meeting

At the first meeting, the Crime Prevention officer will assist you in organizing your neighbors in to a pro-active Neighborhood Watch Group. The Crime Prevention Officer will provide educational material and personal instruction in crime prevention techniques.