Fisher Farm

Fisher Farm consists of a 200-acre park in the early stages of development. A fabulous place for walkers, the farm is a natural area populated with a variety of wildlife, insects, and plant life. Fisher Farm offers four miles of mountain bike trails with beginner to advanced challenges. The park is now accessible from the north by the West Branch Greenway.
21215 Shearer Road

Greenway Contruction
Mecklenburg County's Park and Recreation Master Plan

UPDATE:  We anticipate the Fisher Farm part of the project being completed by August 15, 2017 (weather permitting). Once Fisher Farm is complete, the Abersham part of the project will begin, Mecklenburg County has determined to close both gates to Abersham for the duration of the project. Citizens will still be able to access Abersham through Fisher Farm and by walking or biking in from Grey and Shearer Road by going around the main entry gates. No vehicular traffic (except construction, public safety, and the one homeowner) will be permitted in Abersham during this time. The Abersham portion is projected to be completed by January 1, 2018.

The Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Master Plan calls for 
upgrades to the Abersham/Allison/Fisher Farm properties in three phases. For Phase I, they bid out the project in early January 2016 to demolish and remove the five areas of asphalt highlighted in red in this diagram. The contractor has been selected and Phase I is complete. 

The 2nd phase of the Abersham/Allison Farm/Fisher Farm project will begin in February, 2017 when the JD Goodrum Co., contracted by Mecklenburg County, begins work in Fisher Farm for the greenway which will be constructed this spring. The paved greenway was funded in the 2008 Mecklenburg County bond referendum and was specifically approved by county residents. While work is going on, Fisher Farm is closed for use from the parking area to the west branch of the East Rocky River. During this time, we encourage use of Abersham Park (3540 Pleasant Garden Drive).  

Once the greenway is completed in Fisher Farm, the Abersham paved path will be repaired and widened to meet county standards the full length of the greenway. 

Fisher Farm Sign