Potts-Sloan-Beaty Street Corridor Project

The Town of Davidson is interested in making some changes to the Potts Street-Sloan Street-Beaty Street corridor.

View and download a map of the corridor (PDF).

On July 12, 2016, the Davidson Board of Commissioners relinquished the maintenance of Potts Street, Sloan Street, and Beaty Street to North Carolina Department of Transportation to enable this corridor project to move forward. In order for us to access federal funding for this project, we will these three roads into state ownership during the project and once complete, they will be returned to us. This ownership change will have no effect on the actual plan itself. 

In 2013, the Town of Davidson hired consultants Alta Planning + Design and Fuss & O’Neill to conduct stakeholders meetings, a public forum, and collect data to answer these questions and more:
  • What should this corridor include? What should be the provisions for vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, and transit riders?
  • What amenities does each segment of the corridor include for vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, and transit (e.g. sidewalks, traffic lights, bike lanes, cycle tracks, multi-use pathways, on-street parking, bike racks, etc.)?
  • What should the street look like? How will it be different from what it is today?
  • How do we connect Potts Street to Sloan Street? What opportunities/constraints are there?
  • How should the intersections be treated? Are there options for roundabouts, either at Griffith Street or other locations? What would they look like?
More public input sessions will be scheduled for the future.

Contact & More Information

For more information, please contact Public Works and Projects Manager Doug Wright by email or by phone at 704-940-9625.