Cemetery Information

Mimosa Cemetery

Mimosa Cemetery is located at 518 South Street and offers burial plots to residents and others.


Fees for plots are $1,500 for in-town residents and $3,000 for out-of-town residents. For more information, please call Jesse Bouk at 704-940-9638.

Requesting a burial plot

Please complete this online form to request a burial plot.

Mimosa Cemetery Columbarium

In 2007, the Town of Davidson installed a columbarium in Mimosa Cemetery on South Street which is now available for those looking for burial options.

Since the number of burial plots remaining at the cemetery is limited, land is a scarce commodity, and cremation is a frequently used alternative, the Town wanted to offer this choice to its citizens.

An Alternative

Columbariums offer an alternative to in-ground cremation burials. The columbarium, constructed of brick and granite, holds cremains (cremated remains) in individual niches. The niches can be personalized with an 8-inch square brass plaque. Currently, 8 niches are available.


Fees for columbarium niches are $1,000 for in-town residents and $2,000 for out-of-town residents. For more information please call 704-892-7591, or email.

Please visit our Municipal Code for all details related to the town-owned cemetery and columbarium.

For information related to decoration of graves, please click here.