Boulder Rock Loop (18647 Davidson-Concord Rd)

Recent Updates

September 2022:  The Town of Davidson approved the Master Plan in September; this is a conceptual plan of the development. The next step is for the project team to provide construction documents for technical review by town/county staff.

Project Information

Overview:  On October 2, 2020 the Town of Davidson received a complete Master Plan application. The process followed Section 14.6 of the Davidson Planning Ordinance. For more information see below and the Timeline/Document tabs.

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Site Info

  • Planning Area: Neighborhood Edge
  • Project Location: 18647 Davidson-Concord Rd
  • Parcel ID: 00716217
  • Acres: + 5.53
  • Project Description:  The proposal includes 12 lots including 10 single-family homes and 4 duplex units as well as internal public spaces and greenway connections. Additionally, the plan proposes extending Boulder Rock Loop to the site and adding a multi-use path segment on Davidson-Concord Road. 
  • Developer: Palillo Holdings, LLC (Jake Palillo)