Police Department

A Message from the Chief of Police

The Davidson Police Department strives to be a problem-solving organization.  Our interests are for the peace and safety of the public we serve.  We are continually seeking opportunities to engage in open dialogue and improve our relationships and department operations in order to maintain a safe environment for the residents, visitors, businesses, and students who make Davidson their home.  The Town of Davidson is a community which embraces walkability and bicycling, and so we ask that pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers have an increased awareness of the local speed limits, use the available crosswalks, and obey the laws.  Please be courteous and share the road.  Enjoy each day in Davidson, and let us know if and when we can be of assistance.

Penny L. Dunn, Chief of Police
Davidson Police Department

A brief bio of Chief Penny Dunn

Chief Penny Dunn


The Davidson Police Department is committed to professionalism, ethics, accountability, and teamwork. We are dispatched by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Communications.


We operate according to two main objectives:
  • We treat all people equally, with courtesy and respect.
  • We work in partnership with the community to prevent crime and enhance public safety.