Mayes Hall

Project Status: 

Under Review

Recent Updates:  

A master plan application was received on 5/9/18 and after minor revisions deemed complete on 5/25/18. The proposal is being reviewed by Town of Davidson and Meck. County staff. A Transportation Impact Analysis was conducted in September-October and is currently under review as well. For further information see the Site Info, Timeline, and Documents tabs below.

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Site Info

  • Planning Area: Neighborhood Edge
  • Project Location: This project is located to the east of Bailey Rd, north of Mayes Rd and to the west of Woodlands Trail Dr. 
  • Parcel IDs: 00716286, 00716206, 00716207
  • Project Description: Development of a residential subdivision on approximately 24 acres including 66 units of single-family and duplex detached housing along with associated public streets and alleys. Public open space, including a park and walking trails, is being provided along Mayes Rd. and throughout the development. 
  • Developer: The Bayard Group