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About the National Citizen Survey (NCS)

This benchmarking survey provides a comprehensive and accurate picture of livability and resident perspectives about local government services, policies and management. Hundreds of communities in nearly every U.S. state conduct the NCS.

Researchers use scientific survey methods and best practices to guarantee valid findings and put results into meaningful context. Results draw from the largest resident opinion database of its kind, representing over 30 million Americans. The NCS compares local results with benchmarks compiled from surveys conducted across the U.S.

NCS Overview

There are 16 questions total:

  • 12 standard across all communities
  • 4 custom questions specific to Davidson

There are also 14 demographic questions pertaining to households.

In 2017, questions specific to Davidson included:

  1. Affordable Housing – measures to increase supply of affordable housing
  2. Financing Improvements – support for tax increase for town improvements
  3. Transportation – interest in town funds used for transportation initiatives
  4. Bicycle Infrastructure – increase in ridership if amenities added

In 2019, questions specific to Davidson included: 

  1. Strategic Plan – priority for quality of life in town
  2. Public Facilities – amount willing to pay for new facilities (if tax increase)
  3. Affordable Housing – which projects to support
  4. Affordable Housing – preferences for funding affordable housing


Town of Davidson residents have the opportunity to provide feedback for the biannual National Citizen Survey beginning the week of April 19. Randomly selected participants will receive the survey in their mailboxes and are asked to answer a variety of questions about living in Davidson, then respond either online or by sending the completed form back in the enclosed envelope. Each respondent’s participation is very important because those randomly selected are part of a small number of households being surveyed. The Town of Davidson values resident input, and the results of the citizen survey will help guide decision-making and provide insightful benchmarking data for the community.

 A few things to keep in mind are:

  • Responses are completely anonymous.
  • In order to hear from a diverse group of residents, the adult 18 years of age or older in your household (who most recently had a birthday) should complete the survey.
  • Return the survey by mail in the enclosed postage-paid envelope, or complete the survey online using the unique link in the mailer. 

Those who are not randomly selected to participate may also have the opportunity to provide feedback during the Open Participation period. At its May 25 meeting, the Board of Commissioners voted to forgo the Open Participation portion of the Citizen Survey. Instead, there will be future opportunities for the public to provide feedback.

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Past NCS Data

For past surveys, please click here.