Davidson Fire Station #2


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Recent Update

The project was approved by the Design Review Board (DRB) in April 2016 and is currently under construction. 

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Site Info

  • Planning Area: Rural
  • Project Address: 19436 Davidson-Concord Rd, Davidson NC 28036 - south of the historic Beaver Dam property
  • Parcel ID: 00726119
  • Acres: 4.0
  • Building Type: Institutional - The overall size of the building is approximately 60'x80' with a porch added to the front. 
  • Development Description: Fire station #2 is set back from Davidson-Concord Road with parking located to the rear; there is one means of access to the site at this time. The site plan illustrates tree save areas between the proposed developed area and Davidson-Concord Road; this save area is approximately forty feet wide. There is also a tree save area indicated to the north, screening views to and from Beaver Dam. The current floor plan indicates two bays for trucks and equipment along with another bay which features common areas and sleeping quarters. Materials are horizontal wood siding on the lower portion with a corrugated metal upper story. Roof is to be metal and feature clearstory daylighting.
  • Designer: LaBella Associates