Request Fire/EMS Coverage for Special Event

To request fire or EMS coverage for a public or special event, please complete this online form.

Our policy is below:

Special Events Policy

I. PURPOSE: Periodically, the Davidson Fire Department receives requests for assistance with public / special events. This assistance usually entails DFD members standing by for fire or EMS coverage during the event. The purpose of this policy is twofold. First, this policy will establish a written policy that outlines the Davidson Fire Department requirements for those requesting coverage for the event. Second, the policy will provide an equitable method for selecting DFD personnel to work a special event.

II. SCOPE: This general order shall be followed for all special event requests for dedicated fire and/or EMS coverage by DFD personnel. It shall not apply to community service / public events that do not require dedicated personnel, such as “drop-in” requests or school programs.

III. POLICY: Section A of this general order establishes the price rate and requirements that must be met in order for the Davidson Fire Department to provide coverage. Section B establishes a procedure to be followed by persons or organizations wishing to secure DFD assistance with a special event. Section C establishes procedures for those members providing coverage at a special event. And finally, Section D establishes an internal policy for scheduling DFD personnel to provide coverage for these events.

A. For special events requiring dedicated emergency medical technicians or firefighters, the following stipulations shall apply:
1. A minimum of 2 personnel will be provided for a minimum time period of 4 hours.
2. The person(s) and/or organization(s) hosting the special event will be charged at the following rate:
a. $26.00 per hour, per firefighter x 2 = $208 minimum
3. Requests for coverage should be made at least thirty (30) days in advance. Multiple requests for coverage on the same day will be filled in the order that they were received. Every attempt will be made to fill requests made within thirty days. However, this will be subject to staffing availability.

B. Persons wishing to schedule coverage for a special event may apply using one of the following options:

1. Preferred method - An application may be submitted through the Town of Davidson website. The individual submitting the application may simply go to, click on Town Government, and then click Fire Department. Under the Fire Department page, individuals may fill out an online application which will be emailed to the following individuals:
a. Fire Chief
b. Deputy Chief of Operations
c. Public Information Officer
2. Alternate method – The person(s) wishing to schedule DFD coverage may directly call the Deputy Chief of Operations, who will then schedule the appropriate number of personnel
3. The Deputy Chief of Operations is ultimately responsible for scheduling special event coverage.